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Can you hear me now? 3 Powerful strategies to help get your hearing back!

Have you suffered from hearing loss? Visit our blog post and find out how you can help get your hearing back.

5 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Meditate Every Day

  Most of us live a rather busy life, being bombarded with an average of 120 emails per day, work, …

Music For Babies

4 Tips to Make a More Musical Baby!

4 Tips that can help you create more musical babies.


9 Things I Wish Pregnant Women Knew

Pregnant women hold the key to our survival and evolution as a species. In their wombs, they carry the next …

How To Avoid GMOs

GMOs: How To Avoid GMOs

6 Steps that will help you and your family to avoid GMOs.


GMOs: Your family is part of a dangerous genetic experiment and you don’t even know it!

Aunt Jemima’s pancakes, Betty Crocker’s pies, weight watchers meals, Gatorade, cheerios. What do all this foods have in common? They contain Genetically Modified Organisms. Learn more about these and other Genetically Modified Foods.

Raw Cacao Benefits

Superfoods 101: Raw Cacao – 6 Benefits Of The Love Superfood

Ever onder why chocolates make for the perfect gift to our loved ones? Here’s a little insight into the goodness and deliciousness of raw cacao!

6 Ways To Incorporate Music Into Your Life

6 Ways To Incorporate Music In Your Life

There’s many ways in which you can incorporate music in your life. Regularly engaging in music activities and listening can improve your productivity at the office, your workout session at the gym, or even your sleep time. These are 6 ways that can help you create your own musical spa.

Natural Childbirth Pt2

Natural Childbirth 101: 4 Reasons To Stir Away From Modern Day Obstetrics

I am convinced natural childbirths are the best alternative for most pregnant women. These are 4 regular practices in obstetrics that might encourage you to consider a midwife for your pregnancy.

Natural Childbirth 101 Pt 1

Natural Childbirth 101: 4 Questionable Practices In The History Of Obstetrics

A look into the history of obstetrics, and why it might make more sense for women to take back control of their pregnancies.