Music Therapy

Did You Know About Einstein’s Secret Love?

Einstein had a profound passion for music. Early on he took on the violin and discovered the deep connections between music and mathematics.

Crazy Sexy Meditation Album!

Are you looking to fit meditation into your busy schedule? I’m thrilled to share that my music is part of Kris Carr’s new wellness project: Self-Care for Busy People Digital Meditation Album


The Courtship Of The Birds – Happy Valentine’s Day

The singing of birds has been the object of contemplation and inspiration for many great minds such as Aristotle, Mozart and Debussy. But did you know that a lot of bird species use their repertoire for courtship?

supplements for hearing loss

Can you hear me now? 3 Powerful strategies to help get your hearing back!

Have you suffered from hearing loss? Visit our blog post and find out how you can help get your hearing back.


5 Scientific Facts Why Musicians Should Rule The Earth

Here are 5 scientific fun facts about musicians, the benefits of music and playing an instrument.

Scientific Reasons to Meditate

5 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Meditate Every Day

  Most of us live a rather busy life, being bombarded with an average of 120 emails per day, work, …

Music For Babies

4 Tips to Make a More Musical Baby!

4 Tips that can help you create more musical babies.

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The Most Powerful Prescription In The World: The Piano

At the time he did not know that the piano would allow him to find his center, his muse, and perhaps his happiness. It would perhaps become his most powerful prescription. This passion for the piano would begin shortly after getting struck by lightning. Dr. Tony Cicoria was a man of science, but this would quickly change after his out of the body experience. He remembers leaving his body and watching his loved ones surround him as they were trying to resuscitate him…

6 Ways To Incorporate Music Into Your Life

6 Ways To Incorporate Music In Your Life

There’s many ways in which you can incorporate music in your life. Regularly engaging in music activities and listening can improve your productivity at the office, your workout session at the gym, or even your sleep time. These are 6 ways that can help you create your own musical spa.

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5 Benefits of Listening to Relaxing Music

Some of the most important benefits of listening to relaxing music. Find out why you could benefit from regularly listening to relaxing music.