About Me

I am originally from Mexico. I started studying music when I was about 11 years old. I first learned piano but by the time I was 15, I decided to take on the drum set as my main instrument. After playing around with my friends’ drum sets, I realized I enjoyed playing drums a lot. Back then, a friend of mine, who was an amazing keyboard player invited me to join his band, Esencia. It was very challenging catching up to the rest of the musicians, but when I finally did we got very cool gigs at different nightclubs and by that time I haad already taken a few drums lessons with several awesome teachers in Mexico City. So from that moment Drums would become an important part of my life.

My best drum teachers from those times were Hector Navarrete, famous for playing with a lot of established artists in Mexico like Alejandra Guzman, Manuel Mijares and Alex Syntek, and Alejandro Palet, who at the time was drumming with the band Ansia. I also took several drums lessons at Yamaha Drums School and Casa Verkamp.

One thing led to another and I developed my drumming skills, at least enough to be able to perform with several known artists in Mexico. After performing live in all the major restaurants and bars, I decided to travel to Boston, Massachusetts in 2000. Over there I was very fortunate to perfect my drumming techniques with some of the greatest drummers, such as: Casey ScheuerellRick ConsidineKenwood DenardLarry FinnJohn RamsaySkip HaddenEguie Castrillo, and many more. I was also able to get involved in Drum Clinics by visiting drummers like Horacio “El Negro” HernandezGiovanni HidalgoDave WecklVinnie Colaiuta, among others.

While studying at Berklee, I got the chance to play with many different local and international bands, and play different styles of music. Some of these bands where Los Tri-O, from colombia, Alejandra Guzman from Mexico, JJ Sadler’s blues band, and others.
Since I was not used to the cold weather, in 2002 i decided to travel to Miami, Florida, where I started teaching drums formally. first I was a teacher at Mars Music, and later on I decided to become a drums private instructor. I’ve performed drums live with a lot of different artists and bands in the area.

I’ve taught many students in the miami-metro area, and I am frequently doing drum sessions for various artists and record labels. Check out my pages on Drums Lessons and for more information about this.