GMOs: How To Avoid GMOs

Now that we know a little more about these inconvenient ingredients in everyone’s plate. These are several ways in which you can protect your family and avoid GMOs. These tips are also likely to keep the doctor away :), as they will surely help you transition towards a more healthy and sustainable diet. These are 6 ways on how to avoid GMOs are:

1- Buy Local and Organic

Purchase food from local farmers and look for the USDA logo “organic”. Because large agricultural businesses are involved in the production of GMOs, local farmers will not typically be a part of the GMO production. Plus, when purchasing from local farmers you can always ask where food came from.


2- Look for the NON GMO label

Look for logos like the NON GMO Project Logo on manufacturers products and avoid processed foods that come from big food conglomerates such as Cargill, Kellogg’s, Kraft, Nestle, Hersheys, among others.  The list is long, but this might help:

Additionally, you can download apps on your smartphone that have lists of non-gmo products and brands.


3- Ask Your Fruits and Veggies Where They Came From

When you’re at the supermarket, look for the code on your produce. 4 digits on the label mean it was conventionally grown. On 5 digit labels, those that begin with a 9 are organic, while those that begin with an 8 have been created in a lab and you should keep your family away from them.


4- Purchase Quality Meat

Make sure that when you purchase meat, it comes from grass fed cows and in general, animals that have been processed in humane conditions. This contributes in several ways. It is healthy for the environment, better for the animals that are processed for food consumption and of course healthier for you and your family! In other words, if you won’t eat veggies find an animal that does, since veggies and fruits are where these animals.


5- Buy Live Food and Ditch the Dead Food

And by live food I mean, food that is in its original state, like vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts. Dead food, otherwise known as processed food, has never been a healthy choice for consumption anyway, so you should consume these products occasionally. Think of it as being the opposite of Passover Week. You eat healthy most of the year, but then you treat yourself from time to time.

6- Help Your Body Detoxify by Drinking Green Smoothies and Juices

I’ve become a strong proponent of juicing and actually believe it’s one of the best ways to start the morning after water is a fresh juice or smoothie. It is also a way to provide your body with a load of vitamins and minerals that it needs to detoxify and remove toxins and metals that are dangerous to our body. If you don’t have a juicer, you should sell your TV and get one. That’s how serious I am about juicing.

Have you started avoiding GMOs? Please leave your comments below and share with your loved ones!

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