GMOs: Your family is part of a dangerous genetic experiment and you don’t even know it!

What are GMOs and why are they in your plate?

Are you familiar with GMOs? In the nineties, chemical companies like Monsanto, Dupont and Syngenta, along with other big agricultural businesses like Archer-Daniels-Midland and Cargill embarked on a very dangerous but profitable genetic experiment where you and your family have become the main test subjects.

Genetically modified foods are foods that contain ingredients that have been designed in labs, and typically contain pesticides and other harmful toxins as part of their genetic information. A new genetic mutation is derived from this forceful experiment. Of course, Mother Nature never intended for these mutations to happen and the consequences of using GMOs can be catastrophic in the long run for all of us. Feeling nauseous already? Stay tuned to learn more.

Genetically Modified Organisms, also known as GMOs, were quietly introduced into our food supply. You’d think that when companies develop a new product, they’d want the world to know about its existence. But these particular products(GMOs) are kept secret from the public and the money buying influence of these powerful companies in the US Government, contributed to GMOs being cataloged as “safe” and of “substantial equivalence” to its unaltered versions. For example, a corn genetically engineered to contain a powerful toxin (bt toxin) was created to eliminate insects trying to eat it by tearing up their intestines. In order to plant it and supervise it, farmers wear chemical proof suits and the seeds are toxic, so they can cause eye or skin irritation. Farmers should rush to the hospital if any complications arise from handling them. Does this sound like a “significantly equivalent” seed to its original corn seed? Maybe it’s because I come from Mexico, but over there, farmers don’t have to wear protective armor to plant their seeds and they can even have a little siesta in the fields from time to time ;). Of course these companies claim that GMO crops are the same, that is until patents are on the line. When it comes to money making patents,  the GMO seeds are so different to their original counterparts, that it’s uniqueness has bought them a patent at the Patent office, so they can exploit them and make billions of dollars at the expense of you and your children. More on this coming next.

Why should we care about GMOs?

Numerous independent studies have now linked GMOs to infertility, tumor and cancer growth, weakened immune systems, accelerated aging, cholesterol and insulin control problems, drastic changes in our liver, kidney, spleen and gastrointestinal system, decreased nutritional value in the food, increased toxicity and food allergies in our bodies, and even increased antibiotic resistance.1, 2, 3. Rats that are fed GMO corn over their lifetime develop life threatening tumors, widespread organ damage and premature death. 4.

Not alarmed yet? In a very revealing Canadian study, 100% of pregnant women tested positive for toxic substances related to GMO consumption and over 80% of their fetuses showed up with these residues. Not exactly the ideal diet for the delicate fetus that is just developing is it?

GMOs along with their close relatives, pesticides, have also been linked to the now common phenomenon known as “bee colony collapse”. Bees are an essential part of the ecosystem as bees pollinate plants and contribute to their reproduction and overall health. If they’re colonies collapse our whole ecosystem goes out of balance, so yeah ,we really should care more about bees.

GMOs are also a major contributor to the poor agricultural practices of our modern lifestyle. In fact, crop yields have decreased since their introduction. 5. Besides, GMOs, along with conventional agriculture, promote mono cropping that is environmentally neglectful and renders the land useless and infertile.

Where can you find GMOs?

Currently, it is estimated that over 80% of all processed food in the US contains genetically modified organisms, so clearly GMOs are everywhere and hard to avoid. Chances are they’ve sneaked in your kitchen without you knowing about it. GMOs are in Aunt Jemima’s pancakes, Betty Crocker’s pies, weight watchers meals, Gatorade. To make matters worse GMOs are also in infant formula, and a large portion of GMOs is being used to feed the animals that we eat. Yes! We really are what we eat. So directly or indirectly, chances are, you and your children are consuming them without even knowing where your health problems came from (gastrointestinal problems, allergies, diabetes, cancer, autism…). Over 88% of corn crops, 91% of soy crops, 90% of canola and 95% of sugar beets. 25,000 acres of zucchini and yellow crook, neck squash and almost all of Hawaiian papaya are now genetically modified. Even Genetically Modified Salmon or Franken Salmon is awaiting approval to be released into our food supply.

How can you avoid GMOs?

Stay tuned asI’ll go over some ways to avoid Genetically Modified Ingredients in my next blog post.

Where you aware GMOs existed? Are you avoiding them? Please leave your comments below and remember to share with everyone you love!

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