4 Tips to Make a More Musical Baby!

As a musician I often get asked about tips to create more musical babies and music for babies so I decided to write this tips for you…

We know for a fact that when people listen to the right kind of music they can focus better, perform better and are happier overall. But, are musical babies happier and smarter? Significant research is now showing it is likely that when babies hear music, the listening process also helps their development in significant ways. Here are 4 tips that can help you create beautiful musical babies!

1) Communicate with your baby

Parents know instinctively that a fetus responds almost every time to outside stimulus in the environment, especially during the final trimester. Our auditory system is the only one that fully develops prior to birth, so take advantage of this time and talk to your babies and describe what you’re doing everyday. Babies recognize familiar sounds, in particular those coming from their parents.

2) A musical pregnancy can deliver a musical baby

Research clearly shows that music can make your pregnancy a more natural and enjoyable process. It has been proven to reduce psychological and physiological pain. Music can also stimulate pleasure responses during labor and help focus your attention and breathing, reducing need for anesthesia. 1. The music you choose during pregnancy and delivery can later help your baby habituate and sleep better and longer in the outside World.

3) Playful babies love playful music

Learning through songs is one of the easiest ways to teach children about communication, language, rhythm and movement. Music facilitates bonding between mothers and their children 1, and through playful music, babies find a powerful motivator to explore their world. Low frequency sounds can effectively stimulate the vestibular system (balance, equilibrium, visual organization and sense of spatial orientation).

4) Sing everyday!

Pregnant mommies singing show increased levels of positive hormones in their blood, which in turn nourishes their unborn babies. This is probably why their brain responds strongly to their singing as a source of pleasure. 2. Most newborn babies seem to soothe and drift towards sleep easier at the comfort of their moms when they are singing lullabies to them.

Final Thoughts

Nourish your baby musically everyday, as it will surely render a smarter baby! Music is proven to improve brain function by activating neural circuits in many areas of the brain, as well as providing increased crossover activity between left and right hemispheres.

Do you have any other suggestions to create a musical baby? Please leave your comments below.

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Other suggested reading:

Campbell, Don; Doman, Alex (2011-09-29). Healing at the Speed of Sound: How What We Hear Transforms Our Brains and Our Lives

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