Crazy Sexy Meditation Album!

I’m thrilled to share with you that my music is now part of the Crazy, Sexy Wellness Revolution!

For those of you who don’t know New York Best Seller Kris Carr, she is an amazing wellness warrior and advocate of living in harmony with oneself. Over ten years ago, she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer and has learned to live in harmony with her condition. I can still remember watching her “Crazy, Sexy Cancer” documentary with my wife and going through her rollercoaster of emotions at the time.

Her unstoppable desire to live has brought her on a transformational journey towards health, self-love and a thriving passion for a plant-based diet.

Now, in her Meditation Album, she has created peaceful and beautiful meditations for helping you reduce stress, find inner peace and relaxation, and it’s all done with the help of my music!

If you have a busy lifestyle this Meditation Album is for you. Just click here to get it.

This is what some members of the community have said about my meditation music:

Your voice so clear and the music just right. Actually it’s some of the most enchanting music I’ve heard.
– Nina

I think the different themes along with the pleasant background music make these very accessible and inspiring.
– Jacob, Copenhagen, Denmark

Amazing! Love the music.
– Stacey T., San Diego

The background music makes it a very enjoyable experience.
– Diana

Perfect, really nice relaxing music.
– Nicola

I will often flip to the one with just music when I want to relax.
– Anne

Just click here to check out Kris Carr’s Meditation Album


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