Surprising Benefits of Binaural Beats

Our emotions play a crucial role in our health. This is why it is important to work on our stress and our spiritual wellbeing on a daily basis. But in today’s world, who has time to sit down and meditate for hours?

That’s why I like solutions that can bring us closer in a shorter amount of time and with the least hassle possible. Complementing a healthy lifestyle with a tool that can help reduce your stress levels makes perfect sense for today’s busy world, and binaural beats may hold a powerful and practical way to help you enter deep states of consciousness, thus helping your meditation practices and achieving deep sleep quicker. But what exactly are binaural beats?

Binaural beats were discovered in the late 1800s, but they did not gain popularity until Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, an associate professor from the University of Berline, did extensive research on its effects. They have been used by many ancient cultures, including Native American shamans, Tibetan monks, master yogis and Hindu healers.

What many researchers have discovered now, is that the “beat” like rhythm produced by binaural beats can help the brain enter low theta and deep delta cycles faster and easier. 1, 2. This are the brainwaves we seek to achieve during deep sleep, meditation, etc.

The problem I’ve encountered with binaural beats is that hearing the beat by itself becomes tiring for the human ear. This is why I’ve incorporated a form of “white noise” (rain) and pleasant, soothing music to my binaural beats. When I did this, I realized that you could comfortably listen for longer periods of time, allowing you to get the benefits of binaural beats, while still enjoying pleasant ambience music.

A lot of programs that have binaural beats are expensive and it takes several levels to get real results. Our Sleep program is only a fraction and it works faster as it induces a sleep in a fraction of the time.

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ZEN BRAIN – Focus, Relax and Sleep like never before!

Focus, Relax and Sleep Better

If you’d like to improve your health from an emotional, mental and spiritual perspective, the binaural beats in our program can help your significantly in only a fraction of the time. The best part is you can engage this practice while in bed to help you sleep better. If you regularly engage in meditation or praying, this can also enhance your practice.

Regularly listening to our Sleep BINAURAL can help sync up your brain in powerful ways as your left and right hemispheres work together to balance all brain activity. This is also the state that most regard to as the state of “flow”.

Some benefits you’ll get from regularly listening to binaural beats:

–       Less stress

–       Improved sleep

–       More energy to your everyday

–       Powerful aid while you meditate

–       Focus and concentrate like never before when you complement with our Zen Brain FOCUS program

If you’re looking to work on your stress levels, expand your state of consciousness or achieve better sleep, all layered on top of soothing rain sounds click here now. Plus, it can also be used during massage or reiki sessions.

Click below to learn more about our Zen Brain program:

ZEN BRAIN – Focus, Relax and Sleep like never before!

Focus, Relax and Sleep BetterFurther resources:

1. Auditory Beat Stimulation and its Effects on Cognition and Mood States,

2. Binaural beat technology in humans: a pilot study to assess psychologic and physiologic effects

Binaural Beats History

History of Binaural Beats

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