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The Courtship Of The Birds – Happy Valentine’s Day

The singing of birds has been the object of contemplation and inspiration for many great minds such as Aristotle, Mozart and Debussy. But did you know that a lot of bird species use their repertoire for courtship?

Happy Thanksgiving 2015! Thank You Digital Box

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 – Thank You Digital Box


5 Scientific Facts Why Musicians Should Rule The Earth

Here are 5 scientific fun facts about musicians, the benefits of music and playing an instrument.

Natural Birth

A Natural Birth Through The Eyes Of A Father

Witnessing birth is probably the single, most life changing experience for a parent. This was our most recent adventure in giving birth to our newborn daughter Emily.

2013 Happy New Year from Musical Spa

Happy New Year and our best wishes for 2013!

Happy Holidays from Musical Spa

Happy Holidays from Musical Spa!

FREE Christmas Music Gift

FREE Christmas Music Album with any purchase you make in the month of December.

Welcome to Musical Spa!

Our website has launched! Please visit us and share your thoughts! We look forward to your feedback.

Happy thanksgiving from!

Happy Thanksgiving!
As a way of saying thanks, we are offering 25% OFF one some of our best collections. Learn more about some of our best relaxing music and how it can help make your everyday life more musical!