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Relax To The Max Bundle

Relax To The Max Bundle

SPECIAL OFFER: The Relaxation Bundle you've been waiting for. A total of SIX albums including 3 of our most popular Spa Music albums and 3 of your most popular Meditation Music Albums (our latest acclaimed Meditation Music 4: Deep Theta).

The music features high quality, high frequency music from exceptional artists that is designed to compliment your meditation practice and help you make the most of your relaxation moments. Each track will inspire you to cultivate a calming yet uplifting atmosphere, perfect for calming the mind, body and spirit. Each album will guide the listener to a mystical place of profound inner peace and harmony. The perfect companion for yoga, spa, Reiki, meditation or simply relaxing and unwinding, these masterpieces deliver deeply resonating sounds of joy and peace.

I love working with the soulful and talented Ivan Valles of Musical Spa. He’s our go-to composer for our meditation albums and we couldn’t be happier––so too are the thousands of people who’ve listened to the recordings. In fact, they often ask where and how they can listen to more of Ivan’s transformative melodies. He’s the real deal and a gem to work with too! – Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author and wellness leader

“Absoluterly mesmerizing muscic. I love it!!” – Hunter

“Calming, soothing, meditating. Mahalo” – Teresa

“soothing, calm, and enjoyable” – Debbie