Spa Music Collection 3

Spa Music Collection 3

Our Spa Music Collection 3 invites listeners on a relaxing journey through the senses and sensations that allow us to escape reality and deliver tranquility, peace and happiness, soothing your ears, body and soul. Close your eyes, relax and listen as our Spa Music takes you on a voyage through oceans and mountains, through the earth and the universe itself.

Track List:

  1. Ocean Meditation
  2. Arabian Dream
  3. In Alandalus
  4. One Day in Atlantis
  5. Relaxing Rains of Asia
  6. The Doors of Himalaya
  7. When I Was Young
  8. The Garden’s Queen
  9. Flavia’s Room
  10. The Last Night in Paradise
  11. Sunset in Alexandria
  12. Voices of Amazonia
  13. Nautilus Song
  14. From the Window of the Lunar Module

14 Tracks