Zen Brain Bundle 2 Day Sale

Zen Brain Bundle 2 Day Sale

ZEN BRAIN – Focus, Relax and Sleep better than ever!

Imagine that you could help your brain absorb information flawlessly, becoming more laser focused and concentrated than ever.

Fortunately, we live in an era where technology and research are available to all of us and can allow us to accomplish this and so much more. After years of research into the brain and music, I’ve learned the powerful and long lasting effects music can have on us. Music is there when we first fall in love, in our graduation, through the good times and the bad.

Expand your mind and reduce your stress levels effortlessly!

Do you ever find yourself loosing your train of thought? Having trouble concentrating while reading that important paper? Need to take a break from all the digital noise that bombards us in our everyday life?

Has this “brain fog” become the new normal for you?  

Meet Zen Brain – Our music is specially designed to help you improve your focus and attention, while enhancing your relaxation and sleep. When creating it, I was looking for a powerful and effortless tool that could induce powerful states of focus and concentration or deep relaxing meditation while stimulating various parts of your brain to work together.

Let Music be Thy Medicine!  

Most users perceive results within 15 mins or less!

Your productivity in everyday life is greatly determined by your ability to focus, while your capacity to stay engaged and enjoy your days requires an all relaxing, good night sleep. Most people feel you are either born with it or you’re not…

But today, technology allows us to learn, focus, relax and sleep like never before!

Through music, the universal language, we can now increase our concentration, reduce influence from outside distractions and allow for the brain to be immersed in what scientists regard as a state of “flow”. We can also use music to quiet down the mind and disconnect for a well deserved sleep.

Zen Brain has been designed to help you stay on course and focused on your activities. To help you with this goal, award winning engineers and musicians have created this special suite of music to help you focus, relax and sleep like never before.

Three key elements are included to help you achieve this.


Zen Brain: Relax