Imagine that you were so focused and immersed into what you’re doing that the information just flowed from your world outside into your brain! Focus Zen Brain can do that for you.

  • Use music specifically created to help you focus on the work at hand.
  • Enjoy better concentration when doing office work, coding or studying.
  • Increase your productivity by reducing distractions.
  • Increase retention and memory recall capabilities significantly.
  • Created by talented musicians who know and understand how the brain works. No artificial intelligence simulators or computers.
  • Filtered sound will serve as background “noise” to help you achieve what scientists call “the flow” easier.
  • Steady paced rhythms so your heart rate is in sync and you remain engaged in your activity.
  • Approx 15 min in length so it will be easier to keep track of when you need to take breaks.
  • While most modern recordings are tuned to 440Hz, this music has been tuned to 432Hz, a frequency that is consistent with the laws of nature and mathematically in tune with the universe. 8Hz is known as the heartbeat of earth. 432 is a multiple of this frequency and studies have shown music therapy this frequency can help people with easing anxiety, bringing down heart rate and blood pressure, among other benefits.


  • 6 Tracks around 15 min each for a total of 90mins
  • Digital files immediately delivered to your inbox.
  • Play and take anywhere you need to.
  • High quality 256kbps files