Looking for that peaceful and relaxed deep sleep you deserve? Music is involved in both intellectual and emotional areas of the brain. Our Zen Brain Sleep was created to help you enter sleep effortlessly and help your brain send the right signals to your body so you can enjoy a replenishing good night’s sleep.

  • Reduce your stress levels.
  • Clear your head before sleep.
  • Allow your brain to recharge.
  • Wake up refreshed, restored and ready to start your day.
  • Can easily be used to meditate too.
  • Same songs have been processed with equivalent Binaural Beat frequencies and background noise (rain) to help you enter Deep Sleep faster. Instead of listening to annoying frequencies, our sleep music is combined with rain and the frequencies that aid with the body’s deep sleep cycles.
  • While most modern recordings are tuned to 440Hz, this music has been tuned to 432Hz, a frequency that is consistent with the laws of nature and mathematically in tune with the universe. 8Hz is known as the heartbeat of earth. 432 is a multiple of this frequency and studies have shown music therapy this frequency can help people with easing anxiety, bringing down heart rate and blood pressure, among other benefits.


  • 14 songs approx 10 min in length for over 120 mins of music.
  • Same 14 songs with binaural beat frequencies to help your brain enter deep sleep easier. Both versions make for over 240mins of music.
  • Digital files immediately delivered to your inbox.
  • Play and take anywhere you need to.
  • High quality 256kbps files