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I love working with the soulful and talented Ivan Valles of Musical Spa. He’s our go-to composer for our meditation albums and we couldn’t be happier––so too are the thousands of people who’ve listened to the recordings. In fact, they often ask where and how they can listen to more of Ivan’s transformative melodies. He’s the real deal and a gem to work with too! – Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author and wellness leader 

“Absoluterly mesmerizing muscic. I love it!!” – Hunter  

“Calming, soothing, meditating. Mahalo” – Teresa  

“soothing, calm, and enjoyable” – Debbie  

“perfect music to work to” – Caroline  

“Very calming and relaxing to listen to during the fast pace and hectic work day.” – Eugene  

“The best music in the world. Very relaxing.” – Geoffrey  

“Night sailing on Georgian Bay in 10 knots wind and light mist right now. Your music was the perfect addition.” – Amy  

“really it comes from the core of heaven’s heart” – Oscar  

“Amazing! Love the music.” – Stacey

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