Natural Childbirth

4 Tips to Make a More Musical Baby!

4 Tips that can help you create more musical babies.

9 Things I Wish Pregnant Women Knew

Pregnant women hold the key to our survival and evolution as a species. In their wombs, they carry the next […]

Natural Childbirth Pt2

Natural Childbirth 101: 4 Reasons To Stir Away From Modern Day Obstetrics

I am convinced natural childbirths are the best alternative for most pregnant women. These are 4 regular practices in obstetrics that might encourage you to consider a midwife for your pregnancy.

Natural Childbirth 101: 4 Questionable Practices In The History Of Obstetrics

A look into the history of obstetrics, and why it might make more sense for women to take back control of their pregnancies.

Natural Birth

A Natural Birth Through The Eyes Of A Father

Witnessing birth is probably the single, most life changing experience for a parent. This was our most recent adventure in giving birth to our newborn daughter Emily.